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We are leading purging compound supplier in India offering various purging solutions. Purging Compound "Ultra Purge" is a ready-to-use purging compound designed to increase productivity during color and material changes in plastic injection moulding machines, extrusion machine & blow moulding machines. Ultra Purge is non abrasive & ready to use high performance chemical purging compound to clean plastic residual during changeovers. Ultra Purge is highly recommended by major machine and colorant producers like Husky as the most cost-effective and efficient solution for cleaning your machines. It will reduce scrap and downtime during color changes, material changes and shut downs by 50 to 80%.

» Purging Compounds recommended for Injection Moulding - HT, High E, 5060, Low E, PET-E, PO, 5050, ME-C
» Purging Compounds recommended for Extrusion - High E, Low E, PET-E, PO, 5050
» Purging Compounds recommended for Blow Moulding - PO, 9015, PET-E, Low E
» Purging Compounds recommended for Hotrunner - HT, High E, 5060, Low E, PET-E, PO, 5050, BP

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