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Purging Compound HT Grade

Purging Compound HT Grade is designed for high end polymers and works efficiently at high temperature during color changes, material changes and shut downs. It cleans out barrels, nozzles, hot runners and heads of extruders from carbon deposits and incrustations with help of expanding agents that create forming inside .


Tempreture Range - 290°C ~ 400°C

For Injection Moulding :
  • 1 full barrel for color changes and black specks removal with Injection molding machines
  • ½ full barrel for shut-downs with Injection molding machines
For Extrusion :
  • 1 – ½ full barrel for color changes and black specks removal with Extruders machines
  • 1 full barrel for shut down with extruders
Download Direction of use with MSDS  - Purging Compound Ultra Purge HT

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